Demi Moore in freefall

By admin
10 February 2012

Surviving on a diet of Red Bull and practically nothing else, taking party drugs to stay up all night, humiliating her daughters by chasing young guys – could this really be the woman who was once the highest-paid actress on the planet? What on earth has happened to the ambitious, sultry star directors loved and men ogled? 

The unforgiving passage of time, that’s what. Demi Moore, according to those in the know, is so riddled with insecurities about her age and looks she’s lost it.

Her dangerous spiral of self-destruction has already landed her in hospital more than once and she’s now in lockdown at the upmarket Cirque Lodge rehab clinic in Sundance, Utah, as professionals try to put her back together.

Whether they’ll succeed remains to be seen – and all those close to the 49-year-old mother of three can do is hope for the best. “Demi’s really messed up,” one friend says. “She’ll do anything in her power to be seen as young and desirable.”

Read more in Nicola Whitfield’s article in YOU 16 February 2012.

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