Derek Zoolander: My face is everything

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10 February 2016

Each pore on movie model Derek Zoolander's face is "a world of nothingness to explore", according to his creator Ben Stiller.

The dim-witted male model was first unleashed on cinema audiences in 2001, and now Derek is back with model pal Hansel, played by Owen Wilson, for the second instalment of the film franchise, which hits theatres later this month.

Staying in character for a chat with Britain's Esquire magazine, Ben shed light on some of Derek's most profound observations.

"Each pore of my face is a world of nothingness to explore," he stated. "It’s the kind of thing someone like Matthew McConaughey, as competent a surfer/actor as he is, could never do - except when he played Abraham Lincoln. That was uncanny!"

He also revealed how difficult life is when you've been blessed with such good looks.

"Being really, really, ridiculously good-looking is really, really, ridiculously hard," he sighed. "This is a thing that is often hard for the regular-looking, and especially the ugly, to understand. Sometimes I just feel like this gorgeous, sexy, internationally famous prisoner, being tortured at Sean John-omo Bay (Guantanamo Bay) just for looking amazing."

In the first Zoolander movie, Derek perfected his 'Blue Steel' pout, which involved the model gazing into a cameras lens, with his cheeks sucked in and lips pouting. For his new movie, Derek has been working on fresh looks.

"I’ve been in 'the lab', working on many new looks, including variations on Blue Steel (Blue Iron, Green Copper, Gold Gold), as well as Ferrari, Jaguar, Sanskrit, Pacifico, Mr Jazz, Arctic Char, Picasso, The Stare, The Glare, Eclaire, Gonzo, Rain Forest, Cauldron, Deppscarf, Abracadabralifornia, Slackjaw, Arson, Ghost Ship, Chupacabra, Trillionaire, Breakfast Breeze and, of course, the look I’m sporting for this magazine portrait."

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