Design tips for small bathrooms

By admin
02 September 2013

Are you tired of staring at that drab bathroom cabinet every time you brush your teeth? We have some design tips for you to transform your tiny bathroom into a stunning space with brilliant décor.

Are you tired of staring at that drab bathroom cabinet every time you brush your teeth?

When you’re pressed for space, it might seem that much harder to get your creative juices flowing so you can rework the space you have into a dream bathroom.

But we have some design tips for you to transform your tiny bathroom into a stunning space with brilliant décor.

Be realistic

  • When you’re excited it’s easy to get carried away and purchase every pretty thing you set eyes on.  So don’t just hurry off to your favourite home décor or sanitary ware store to buy all the things you fancy for your new bathroom!
  • It’s not just bad for your budget, it’ll also result in an overloaded space, clashing pieces and things that simply won’t fit! Filling a limited space with too many items is a sure way to make a tiny area look more crowded and aesthetically less pleasing. Rather choose key pieces that will make an impact.
  • Simple ideas that maintain sophistication are definitely the way to go if you want to create an inviting yet comfortable bathroom space with staying power. Simplicity is key.
  • So, stop and take a look at the space at your disposal. Make a note of the space available so you can adequately provide for the area you are working with, without overdoing it.

Simple and sleek

  • Include one feature in the room – whether it’s a mosaic floor, feature wall, an attractive vanity, a gorgeous light fitting or a printed shower screen. The rest of the room must be kept clean. Opt for taps, bathroom accessories and sanitary ware with simple, clean lines. Make sure the design flows seamlessly.

Personalise it

  • Your space might be small, but it’s still yours. Nothing is better than a personal touch. Using unique details, it’s possible to create an exclusive bathroom that reflects you and your family’s personality in a small space. It will also give the space more depth and colour.
  • Tiling the entire bathroom will make the space look uniform and larger than it actually is.
  • Let a black wall act as a canvas. It can add vibrancy to your bathroom.
  • Also, create a statement wall by tiling it entirely in interestingly textured, patterned or coloured tiles, or perhaps fill the wall with one statement mirror across from the bath. Mirrors are a great way of making an area seem larger than it actually is.
  • You can also personalise your bathroom by adding plants, such as orchids (to infuse the area with a pop of colour), you could use accessories (a fun shower curtain, bath mat or towels) or you could hang a statement piece of art.

Space saving

  • Bulky is bad when you want to save space so choose an all-in-one sink and vanity solution.
  • Avoiding clutter is essential when you’re pressed for space and as such it’s imperative to include as much storage space as possible so that all toiletries can be neatly stored away.
  • Go for a wall-hung toilet – it’s aesthetically pleasing plus it’s also raised above the floor, which creates the illusion of added floor space below.

Light and paint

  • Spaces filled with light always appear larger. So, throw out the dull 1970s bathroom light and invest in a pretty, but small, modern fitting.
  • If you have a window, make use of the natural light by enhancing it – keep your windows clean and hang curtains or blinds that will let light filter through (so no block-out curtains).
  • If you don't have a window, think about installing a skylight (it’s an energy-saving option as well).
  • Or you could install track lighting to create the perception of a longer room.
  • Mirrors are also a great way of accentuating light, since they reflect and amplify any light in the room.
  • The colour of the room will also influence how light and bright it seems. Steer clear of dark colours and keep the ceiling white. Rather opt for soft, neutral tones – these will not only liven up the space visually, but they’ll also guarantee added longevity to the bathroom’s design, as they won’t become outdated quickly.

- Faiza Mallick


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