Devastating news for 11-year-old victim of lion attack on family friend's farm

By Jacques Myburgh
13 April 2017

Kristian was attacked by a ‘tame’ lion, during a visit to a family friend’s farm, in Ellisras, last weekend.

The youngster fighting for his life after a lion attack on a family friend's farm is brain-dead.

“Doctor just gave feedback. Kristian is critical. At this stage, there is no brain activity,” his father, Herman Prinsloo, announced on Facebook on Thursday.

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His grandmother, who was with him on the farm, intervened and saved him.

Kristian is currently in the ICU of the Muelmed Mediclinic Hospital in Pretoria and is connected to a ventilator.

“I ask that everyone unite in prayer for Kristian and pray that God’s will be done and that it be His will that Kristian’s brain will begin functioning and that he will recover fully,” Herman said.

“We, his family, don’t know how to thank everyone for their prayers, messages and support,” he further wrote in the Facebook post.

Kristian is still critical, but according to Herman his blood pressure and temperature has improved and the first priority remains the swelling on his brain.

Kristian also has two cracked vertebrae.

“All glory to our Heavenly Father and may every prayer, hand, message and thought be blessed tenfold,” his father continued.

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