Diaan Lawrenson says goodbye to 7de Laan

By admin
08 April 2016

Viewers will be seeing a lot less of popular Paula van der Lecq on TV in future.

This comes after actress Diaan Lawrenson’s surprise announcement that she’s planning to focus more on her children, Olivia and Thomas, and on studying.

“Diaan has made the decision to resign as a principal actress at 7de Laan,” the soapie’s spokesperson, Rosa-Mari Erasmus, said in a statement. “But she’ll still be an integral part of the 7de Laan team.”

This means Diaan won’t be leaving the series entirely but will appear less frequently in its 18th season, when she’ll only be part of selected storylines.

The actress recently accepted a lecturing post at the Afda film school in Cape Town and will also be working on a master’s degree in TV and theatre studies.

“Her first priority at this stage is to spend time with Olivia and Thomas,” the statement said.

Diaan and her husband Jody apparently are “very excited” about their new adventures.

“We at 7de Laan are saddened by the loss of such a fantastic actress but also glad that she can impart her knowledge to students. 7de Laan wish her all the best for her future plans,” the statement said.

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