Diana was 'deceptive', says friend

By Marelize Potgieter
27 July 2017

"Everyone knows princess Diana had a heart of gold, but she was also very complicated, determined and hungry for men."

Everyone knows princess Diana had a heart of gold, but she was also very complicated, determined and hungry for men.

This is how then-journalist Piers Morgan, who became good friends with her in the last years of her life, described her.

"Occasionally downright duplicitous, especially in her dealings with the media," he wrote for Daily Mail.

He says when he was editor of The Mirror, Diana would provide him with information and subsequently condemn the publication in public because they published the story.

One of these times was when she opened up at a private clinic about her struggle with her eating disorder.

In 1992, in Andrew Morton's book Diana: Her True Story, it came to light that she suffered from bulimia. It also came out that she struggled with it in 1981 and only got help in the late 1980s.

One of the patients whom Diana spoke to contacted The Mirror and told of how Diana shared everything at the clinic because she found it to be inspiring.

Morgan contacted Diana in good faith to tell her about the call and Diana asked to see the story. She then called him back and talked for an hour about what had happened.

Morgan told her he was recording the call.

He sent her the edited version and she responded by saying that she was 'very happy and grateful' about it.

They published the story without quoting her directly.

The next morning, she issued a statement on how furious she was and condemned the story in The Mirror and shared that she was 'deeply disappointed' that her private conversations were leaked to a newspaper.

Morgan called her and threatened to release the recorded conversation between them. Her assistant reminded him that Diana didn't think he would do it, seeing as they got along so well.

Millions of people watched the documentary Diana: Our Mother, in which the princes William and Harry talk about their mother, on Monday night.

The princes tell, among other things, of what a 'nice mom' Diana was and how she encouraged them to be as naughty as possible, but just to make sure they never got caught out.

Additional source: Mirror-mirror.org, Mail Online

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