Diane Kruger’s really bad acting debut

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19 October 2014

Diane Kruger was “really bad” when she acted on camera for the first time.

Diane Kruger was “really bad” when she acted on camera for the first time. The German actress has starred in a number of successful films including Troy and National Treasure. But she admits her career beginnings were a lot more humble and nothing short of embarrassing. “I started out in France. I was still in drama school and I played a girl who got into a car accident for some really bad French TV show,” she recalled to the American edition of Esquire. “I had to be confronted with the guy who hit my car. It was pretty bad.”

'I had never been in front of a camera'

The 38-year-old had duped the director into landing the role by claiming to have been on camera before. But her untruth didn’t remain intact for very long.

“I had to lie the entire time because I said I'd been acting before and I'd done it before, but literally I had never been in front of a camera,” she recalled. “The director figured it out after take two, like 'What are you playing over here? The camera is over there.' It took a while to get where I am now."

Diane was one of 24 actors to take part in the feature about their first acting roles. Other stars included William H Macy, Rupert Friend, Laura Prepon and Minnie Driver.

Avengers actor Jeremy Reiner also shared his memories and remembered how excited he was at the time.

“It was National Lampoon's Senior Trip. It was the lead in this National Lampoon movie. It was random,” he said. “It was a big get for me at that time because it was my first job ever on camera. At the time I was like, 'This is fantastic!' Nowadays comedy for me has to be character-driven, not this goofball joke setup kind of thing."

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