Did this woman find a human finger in her soup?

27 May 2017

Finger or fish?

Please note this article contains images that sensitive viewers may find upsetting.

A young woman was shocked when she found what appeared to be a severed finger in a bowl of her mom’s fish stew.

The woman from Taiwan showed the snaps to her family, and her cousin Li Jiaqi uploaded them to social media where they have since gained several thousand likes and comments.

PHOTO: Magazine Features PHOTO: Magazine Features

Fortunately, the disgustingly lifelike soup ingredient was revealed to be fish maw - also known as the swim bladder or gas bladder - which is the organ that helps bony fish to control their buoyancy in the water.

But with the organ having been tossed into the pot to boil with the other ingredients, the woman felt sure she had just scooped up a human finger - and it is easy to see why from the pictures.

The fish maw appears to be the same length and width as a severed finger and even has a bony part that resembles a fingernail. The shriveled organ looks as if a finger had been put into the pot to boil, with the "skin" also wrinkly.

PHOTO: Magazine Features PHOTO: Magazine Features

The woman joked to her family, "Look, my mom put her heart and soul and finger into this soup."

Netizens on social media who have not seen what fish maw looks like said they were "certain" they were staring at a severed finger and few have argued otherwise.

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