Diederik, 7de Laan’s proud dad

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01 April 2012

He was immediately smitten – and this time it wasn’t something the 7de Laan scriptwriters had dreamt up for Diederik Greyling. Actor Hennie Jacobs’ baby daughter, Nua, stole his heart the instant he laid eyes on her.

“Her laughter is at its cutest between three and five in the morning,” her mom, Marissa Vosloo-Jacobs, says. “How can you be upset when you see that smiling face?” As if on cue Nua smiles, because Daddy is playing with her and she can hear Mommy’s voice.

Hennie’s character in the soap is mostly clumsy and shy in female company but when the actor with the boyish face is with his wife and daughter he’s a different man. There’s tenderness in his eyes as he cradles Nua in his arms – something you don’t see on the small screen when he’s the busy waiter running around Oppiekoffie.

“Oh yes, she’s Daddy’s girl,” Marissa (33) says as she watches her daughter’s face light up at the sight of Hennie (28).

Nua was born by Caesarean section on 22 January in the Pretoria East Hospital after Marissa went into labour three weeks before she was due. Her arrival only 13 months after their wedding was unplanned, Marissa admits. “But we weren’t upset. Hennie said it was in God’s hands and if that was His will, so be it.”

“She’s mad about music. Hennie sings to her every night and has even written songs for her. She loves Johannes Kerkorrel’s Halala Afrika. He started singing it to her while I was still pregnant and now when she hears it she starts laughing.”

They still socialise with friends, now mostly with those with kids. Nua has been on an outing to her first friend, Ivan Botha’s (Pieter in 7de Laan) daughter, Amélie. And now that Diaan Lawrenson and Bertha le Roux are also pregnant babies and baby advice are favourite topics of discussion on the 7de Laan set, Hennie says.

Not that this dad needs advice, judging by how snugly his little princess is sleeping on his chest.

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