Dieting dog loses 25 kilos

By admin
26 October 2013

A Rottweiler from Pretoria named Hector has been named Hill's Pet Slimmer of the Year after shedding 30 percent of his body weight. Check out the amazing before and after pics.

Hector the Rottweiler wasn’t too impressed when his owner put him on a diet to help him beat the battle of the bulge. But seven months later the Pretoria hound has perked up dramatically after shedding an amazing 25 kilograms – an achievement that saw him emerging as top dog in South Africa's 2013 Hill's Pet Slimmer of the Year contest. Hector's owner, Fanie van Schalkwyk, admits that before Hector embarked on his eating plan, he was “spoilt and lazy”. But after dropping from 83 kg to 58 kg the four-year-old has undergone a complete personality transformation. 

“Now he is active,” Van Schalkwyk says. “He can even jump into the car on his own while before he couldn't even get into the car. I had to pick him up. He is now a dog with life.”

After a visit to the vet in March, Van Schalkwyk realised it was time for radical action. But what exactly did Hector’s diet entail?

“We were advised to give him a specific time for meals and he was only fed twice a day. If he hadn't eaten after an hour we were told to take away the food because it meant he wasn't hungry,” Van Schalkwyk explains.

As winner of the Hill’s Pet Slimmer of the Year award Hector walks away with a R5 000 cash prize – proof that every dog has its day...

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