Diets under investigation

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05 August 2014

A diet overhaul is no easy task - instead try small changes.

When most people decide they need to be healthier, they look to their diet first. Cutting out sweet treats and unhealthy snacks is usually the first port of call, especially with claims that sugar could be as detrimental to the health as tobacco. However, it’s been claimed that overhauling your diet isn’t as simple as cutting the white stuff from meal times entirely.

'Cutting all sugar from your diet would be very difficult to achieve'

Biochemist Leah Fitzsimmons was one of a group of professionals who investigated how healthy several diets actually are for the charity Sense About Science. The findings suggest that completely cutting sugar could have a terrible effect on health, not least because it features naturally in many healthy foods.

“Cutting all sugar from your diet would be very difficult to achieve,” she said, according to MailOnline. “Fruits, vegetables, dairy products and dairy replacements, eggs, alcohol and nuts all contain sugar, which would leave you with little other than meat and fats to eat – definitely not very healthy.”

Dieticians were also involved in studying the five ways of eating, with the study also pouring scorn on the Caveman diet. This was of eating claims that we should return to how our ancestors used to feast, so munching berries, lean meat and vegetables but steering clear or dairy and cereals amongst other things.

“While it is true that fluffy white loaves of sandwich bread won’t have been known to our hunter-gatherer ancestors, if you are worried about a healthy diet, have lentil soup, but skip the Mars bar,” archaeologist Erika Nitsch said.

Other diets which were found lacking included ones which see people substitute food for drinks, as it was claimed that it can lead people to stop getting any enjoyment from sustenance and become depressed. Eating plans which claim to target certain areas by changing hormone levels were also questioned, as was the new clay diet craze. That sees people ingesting clay each day as they think it helps them detox, but it’s not been proven to have that effect.

“People actually introduce malnutrition through overly restrictive diets… and they lose heart following unsustainable diets,” Sense About Science said in a statement.

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