Disabled man weighing 18 kg jailed for armed robbery

By Robyn Lucas
14 July 2017

"The problem with his disease is that with time all muscles begin to weaken. Now he is completely immobilised,"

He’s severely disabled and weighs less than 20 kg – but he’s been found guilty of armed robbery.

Anton Mamaev (28), who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy – and has been partially paralysed since childhood – was sentenced to four and a half years behind bars.

He was jailed by a court in Moscow, Russia.

The human rights chancellor for Moscow, Tatiana Moskalkova, and the Public Monitoring Commission of Moscow have taken up the case in a bid to get Anton out of jail and in a proper healthcare facility.

Anton found himself in hot water after he bought a scooter from some acquaintances for 160 000 RUB (R350 000) and later on resold it for a profit.

The sellers claimed that Anton, and his part-time carer, Vasily, stole the vehicle after threatening them with a gun. They also alleged that Anton – who’s in a wheelchair – threatened to shoot one of them in the leg, threw him in the back of his car and drove to a forest.

Disabled 2

Anton and Vasily were both thrown in jail after the court accepted the seller’s version of events – despite their insistance that they’re innocent.

"I still cannot comprehend how it all happened that way,” a puzzled Anton said. “There was not a single sign of conflict that day.”

Eva Merkacheva, the Commission's deputy chairwoman, said Anton's condition had shocked doctors and officers so much that he had to be moved to the west wing of the prison, where the hospital was situated.

Eva said.

As a little boy, Anton was told he would only live until the age of 19 because of his illness, but he exceeded all doctors’ expectations.

He also has a university degree and helps other disabled people.

Spinal muscular atrophy is a rare neuromuscular disorder that is characterised by a loss of motor neurons and progressive muscle wasting – which often leads to an early death.

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