Disc cleaning

By admin
02 September 2014

The obvious solution is repair liquid available at electronic shops. Substances in the home could also be used. Spectacle cleaning solution and baby wipes are recommended. Brasso has given excellent results and some people swear by toothpaste (not the gel kind or with abrasive particles). Some people recommend car wax. Peanut butter (not the crunchy kind) is another favourite. Others say rubbing alcohol applied with a soft cloth and dried is best. Direct sunlight and high heat will warp discs, so it’s best to store them properly. Take the disc out of the player when you’ve finished with it because the heat of the player could warp it. Moisture will also cause damage, and so will dust. A permanent, water or oil-based (nonsolvent based) felt-tip pen is best for labelling. Don’t play warped or cracked discs because they will damage the DVD or CD player.

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