Disturbing footage shows nurse 'beating and biting' new-born baby

By Samantha Luiz
11 May 2015

A nurse was arrested after CCTV footage showed her beating and biting a four-day old baby to stop her crying.

Emiliya Kovacheva, from Sofia in Bulgaria, admitted hitting the baby during her 24-hour shift at Sofia Med Hospital in the country. She told authorities she was frustrated because the baby would not sleep and that she punished her to stop her from waking other babies in the room.

The baby suffered horrific injuries and there were fears that she may not have survived.

Emiliya is now facing charges of attempted murder and could be locked up for 20 years. Some furious members of the public have even demanded the death penalty to be handed to the nurse.

When asked about the incident, the hospital spokesman Boriana Marinkova said, “The most important thing for a child’s parents is to see how the baby will recover, other things are not so important.”

Sources: mirror.co.uk, metro.co.uk

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