Ditch calorie counting to lose weight

28 March 2017

A new study suggests forgetting calorie counting when it comes to diets.

Researchers from the Royal New Zealand College of General Practice also found that weight loss can be achieved by eating as much as you like, as long as you’re chowing down on the right grub.

To get to their conclusion, the team of experts analysed 33 dieters over a 12 week period, all of whom were asked not to count calories and eat a plant-based diet, without any processed foods.

On average the group managed to shift or maintain a 10kg weight loss in the year after the three-month diet finished.

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During the 12 weeks, participants lost an average of 12.1 kilograms each, and reported having higher self-esteem and nutritional know-how and had lower cholesterol. They ate a diet rich in fruit, whole grains, vegetables, legumes and unrefined soy and minimised their intake of healthy fats like nuts and avocados.

They were also given cooking classes, which lead author Dr Nicholas Wright credited as a significant factor in the results.

“People need concrete skills they can learn and rehearse, especially in an enabling and comfortable environment,” he told stuff.co.nz.

And on the subject of good fats, he said those who are not at a healthy weight should try to avoid them.

“Once someone is at a normal weight they can reintroduce these foods without too many problems. The problem arises when people think they are good for weight loss, due to some pretty shoddy science,” he stated.

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