Divorce: Advice for kids

By admin
05 July 2013

An innovative programme helps children deal with the turmoil of divorce.


Lessons from DC4K, DivorceCare for Kids programme:

  • Kids can’t be blamed for divorce; it’s something decided by adults.
  • Being unable to forgive affects your health.
  • You’re allowed to love a new partner in your mom or dad’s life. It doesn’t mean you love your other parent less.
  • New loved ones show your family is expanding. You now have more grannies and granddads, uncles and aunts, and more people to love you.
  • Try to put yourself in your mom and dad’s shoes: what would you have done in some of these situations?
  • If you’re religious, prayer is a way of speaking about your feelings. There might be no one else to listen to you but God is always there.
  • It’s important to learn positive ways of releasing aggression. It’s better to sing, paint or hit a punching bag than to swear, kick or smash things.
  • It’s better for a divorce to happen as quickly as possible than for your mom and dad to keep arguing.

Read more about DC4K in the latest issue of YOU (11 July 2013).

If you are a divorced parent share your advice or experiences in the comments field below. 

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