Do you have an 'Instassistant'?

By admin
02 October 2014

Celebs are enlisting their besties to take their most flattering “selfies”, otherwise known as “taking a picture”. Cray-cray or totally cool? You decide.

Unless you have super-stretchy long arms, some pics are best taken the old-fashioned way and celebs such as Rihanna, Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley definitely have some very good friends or boyfriends who know their best side, and capture it for their millions of fans to see.

Rihanna’s Instassistant is her best friend, Melissa Forde. And former model Heidi Klum has revealed the photographer behind many of her nude shots is her mom!

Here are the skills we think the perfect Instassistant should have:

- A good eye – they need to be able to tell you if the background is taking the attention away from your awesome hairdo.

- They must know you very well – how else will they know your left side is golden and your right side should be avoided?

- They should know which filters to use to make you look even hotter.

- If they possess incredible caption-writing skills they could even be promoted to Insta-manager!

But don’t forget to return the favour every now and then – no one likes a narcissist.

-Edna Isaacs

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