Do you need School Communicator?

21 June 2014

Do you constantly feel overwhelmed by school circulars and notices overflowing from your children’s schoolbags? The amount of paperwork for parents can be unforgiving and sifting through flyers for overpriced extramural activities to get to vital information just to add it to the growing stash tacked to the fridge can be daunting. Lindsay de Freitas, a mother of two, finds out how D6 School Communicator can make your life so much simpler.

A valuable find

I was about to throw a recent school circular into the bin when I saw a link for a web-based application called D6 School Communicator. The notice described the application as an easy-to-use live news feed of important information regarding your child’s school. I couldn’t possibly ignore this tit-bit of information and I downloaded the D6 School Communicator the very next day.

How to get started

All you need to do is go to the D6 School Communicator site and select your child’s school from the drop-down list. The application was easy enough to download onto my desktop and is also available on Mac and as a mobile app for android, iPhone and BlackBerry, and as a mobi site. If you prefer email they can send you a weekly electronic newsletter, or if you’d prefer a hard copy the site has an option whereby it posts you a weekly letter with all the information published for the week past.

How does it work?

The D6 School Communicator just lives on your desktop as a sidebar. The best part of the app is the resources tab which keeps electronic copies of all circulars and notices sent out by the school. This means you don’t have to renovate and build extra storage space for the piles of papers being sent your way.

Features include:

  • A calendar of important events and meetings taking place at the school;
  • Contact information for the various departments at your child’s school;
  • An alert function for urgent messages;
  • Depending on your child’s school, it may even have a gallery tab where photos of your kids are uploaded daily. (This really helps with the guilt many working moms deal with while they sit in front of their PC with no idea of what their kids are up to.)

If you’re a mom with kids at school you have every reason to make use of this valuable tool!

-Lindsay de Freitas

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