Do you recognise this identity thief?

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14 November 2013

Can you believe it? It’s not only child’s play to steal someone else’s identity but also apparently possible to draw R4,5 million in cash from a bank with your new identity.

No, it isn’t a scene from a movie. It’s what really happened in a bank in Middleburg, Mpumalanga, according to private investigator Martin du Plessis who’s investigating this case of identity theft.

The man, who has short, dark hair and a prominent nose, was wearing a white shirt. A bank camera took a picture of him in profile.

“As far as I know it’s the most money stolen by means of identity fraud,” says Du Plessis.

The bank’s security cameras caught the man, who just walked into the bank with a false ID book and the right account number and drew R4,5 million from a family trust.

“The money was stolen from a well-known Johannesburg businessman, who prefers to remain anonymous and has asked me to investigate the case,” says Du Plessis. “Fortunately he’s insured and has his money back – but his identity has been stolen. How did the man get hold of the businessman’s information? The suspect walked into the bank, drew the money, and walked out with it.

“The incident happened on 18 October 2013. The man is linked to a syndicate and allegedly is connected to many similar cases.

“You don’t just walk into a bank and draw so much money. You need a lot of information and verification: identity numbers, cellphone numbers, trust account names and numbers and access to previous accounts. How did he know there was so much money in the account? The possibility that the man received help from someone in the bank is being investigated.”

Du Plessis prefers not to name the bank.

If you recognise the man or have information about the case, call Du Plessis on 071-586-1123.

-Danél Blaauw

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