Doctor fights off shark, stiches himself up, then heads out for a beer

By admin
28 January 2014

A young doctor in New Zealand fought off a shark attack with a diving knife before stitching up his own wound and heading to the pub for a beer

, media reports said Tuesday.

James Grant (24) was attacked Saturday in shallow water in Garden Bay, news portal reported. Grant was spearfishing with friends in the south of the South Island when the shark bit him, local media reports said.

"I sort of just fought the shark off. The shark got a few stabs. The knife wasn't long enough though," he said.

His friends didn't believe him when he said he was being attacked. He got out of the water and stitched up his wounds with a needle and thread from his first aid kit.

"I'm pretty happy I had such a thick wet suit on too," he said.

He stopped off for a beer with his mates on the way to hospital in Invercargill, 70 km away. After that he went hospital for treatment, said Southland Hospital spokeswoman Frederique Gulcher in Invercargill.


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