Doctor kidnapped and tortured by patient's family

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13 August 2014

It’s a story so grisly and inhumane that you’d think it could only be conceived of in a gruesome horror film.

“Dr M” (30), a Mexican doctor who works for her country’s Institute of Social Security in Zamora, Michoacán,  was abducted on the night of Thursday 31 July after she left work. She was kidnapped and held captive for six days, during which she was tortured, drugged, mutilated and beaten by her captors.
“The other gynaecologists that killed my son will follow.”

Her captors are presumed to be the family and friends of a pregnant woman whom Dr M had treated.

According to hospital staff, “The woman arrived at an advanced stage in her pregnancy, and the baby was already dead inside her womb. That happened [because] the mother waited too long to seek medical attention…”

It is unclear what role Dr M played in the case, but the family threatened the hospital as a whole and swore revenge for killing the baby.

The captors cut off two of Dr M’s fingers, made severe lacerations into her abdomen and forced her to write a warning on the wall, reading, “The other gynaecologists that killed my son will follow.”

She was discovered by Red Cross paramedics on August 6, after neighbours heard her screams. Dr M is currently receiving treatment in a private hospital.

- Compiled by Megan Bursey


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