Doctors help deliver baby via iPhone video chat

By admin
20 March 2015

An iPhone came to the rescue when a woman went into labour while waiting for her doctor at the hospital.

Rivera, from Newark, New Jersey, was awaiting her scheduled pregnancy check-up while her doctor finished surgery at a nearby hospital. Her water broke and the only medic available was an assistant who had never delivered a baby before.

"His head was just hanging there," Rivera told Fox News.

'He was ready and there was no stopping him'

"He was ready and there was no stopping him."

It was her tech-savvy husband who suggested they use the iPhone video chat feature, Face Time, to call their physician, Dr. Meena Devalla.

The doctor was able to give clear instructions using the video messaging app to her medical assistants.

“It really put my mind at ease,” said Rivera despite no medication administered to ease her pain.

Twenty minutes later, Raphael was born.

Oswaida Torres, one of the assistants who had had not only never delivered a baby admitted she had also never used FaceTime.

"I was a little nervous. "Thank you to the Lord that everything worked out and mommy and baby are doing great."


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