Dodi Fayed 'paranoid' in cars

By admin
26 March 2013

The film producer and then-boyfriend of Princess Di was always "paranoid" about being kidnapped.

Dodi Fayed was always "paranoid" about being kidnapped.

The film producer died aged 42 alongside his then-girlfriend, Princess Diana, in a car accident in Paris in 1997, and family friend Canadian-American singer Paul Anka (photo) says he wasn't surprised because his pal always insisted his vehicles were driven quickly because he was so worried about "vendettas".

"That hair-raising drive through Paris made sense, when I thought about it,” Paul said.

"One of Dodi's problems was that he was very paranoid. And he was especially paranoid about kidnapping, hold-ups and vendettas, always thinking that someone might want to kill him.

"That's why he always went fast whenever he got into a car.

When he got involved with Princess Di, all that anxiety must have increased exponentially because the paparazzi were on their tracks, day and night. It was always about speed with him. Fast, fast, fast."

-Bang Showbizz

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