Dog asked to write witness statement

By admin
20 February 2013

A police dog was asked to write a witness statement.

A police dog has written a witness statement.

The talented pooch, called Peach, had to paw the note after prosecution officials wrote to the four-legged animal demanding the statement so they could use it as evidence in a court case.

The request was addressed to "PC Peach", but his handler was forced to respond saying there is nobody called PC Peach on the force, just a PD Peach, with the PD standing for Police Dog.

However, the demands kept coming so the pooch's handler wrote a note back impersonating the dog. In a note, which included a paw print signature, he stated: "I chase him. I bite him. Bad man. He tasty. Good boy. Good boy Peach."

The statement has since been the subject of some comical comments after being posted on the Cop Humour and One Police pages on Facebook.

-Bang Showbizz

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