Dog bites alcoholic woman in the face but she doesn’t blame her pooch

By Kirstin Buick
12 January 2014

‘I lost an eye and my dog – but that’s the best thing that could have happened to me’ says alcoholic bitten by pet

A grandmother of two says her dog that bit her face almost completely off “actually saved my life”.

Wendy Hamriding, of Lancashire in the UK, admits she was an alcoholic before the attack in December 2011. She’d fallen down the stairs at her house after polishing off a bottle of vodka.

She regained consciousness in pain two hours later with Cassie, her Rhodesian Ridgeback cross, chewing at her right eye and eyebrow ridge. Cassie had initially begun to lick her to make her wake up but later became desperate when she didn’t wake up.

That’s when the dog began to chew her face.

Although Cassie was put to sleep Wendy doesn’t blame her for what happened.

On the contrary, she says she owes her life to Cassie because if she hadn’t chewed her face she would have gone on to die an early death from alcoholism. The attack made her realise she had to change her life.

After about 100 operations to restore her sight she can now see again.

Wendy now works as a volunteer helping other alcoholics to turn their lives around.


- Amber Kriel

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