Dog called 'Trigger' shoots his owner in the foot

By admin
27 October 2015

Forget about criminals; these days you have to beware of your best friend.

Allie Carter (25) discovered this the hard way when her dog, Trigger, became a bit trigger happy and accidentally shot her in the foot.

She and Trigger were hunting wildfowl in a wilderness area in the American state of Indiana at the time. At one point she laid her hunting rifle on the ground, forgetting to set the safety catch. Things went wrong when exuberant Trigger, a chocolate-brown Labrador, trod on the trigger and fired a shot.

A local conservation officer, Jonathon Boyd, confirmed the accident. He said Allie’s left foot and toes were injured but added that she’s already been discharged from hospital.

Jonathon warned other hunters to receive the training necessary to prevent similar incidents. It came to light that Allie hadn’t completed hunting courses before she and Trigger went hunting.

Sources: Huffington Post; BBC

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