Dog eats 109 pebbles

By admin
05 March 2013

A dog has eaten 109 stones from a beach, but fortunately the pebbly pooch went under the knife to have them removed.

A dog has eaten 109 stones from a beach.

Barney the pooch gobbled up the items during a stroll on Kent beach, south east England, but his owner Kim Woolard only found out about the pebbly pooch's penchant for the rocks when she took him to the vet because he was feeling more tired than usual.

The vet then discovered 79 pebbles in the four-legged friend's stomach, and he had already passed another 30 into his basket.

Fortunately, all the stones were removed safely and Barney has now made a full recovery.

Kim told the Daily Mail newspaper: "We were absolutely astounded when we saw the X-ray and it showed why Barney was feeling under the weather.

"No wonder he had been feeling sluggish when there were more than a hundred stones in his stomach.

"When the vet showed us the X-ray I was gobsmacked. You could see lots of the pebbles still in his stomach and intestine."

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