Dog tries to blame his canine companion for toilet paper mess!

By Lindsay de Freitas
06 July 2015

Who said dogs were loyal?

A French bulldog is shown wrapped in toilet paper with little bits of toilet paper strewn all over the floor of her owner’s home.

The owner can be heard asking the bulldog, "Is that what you want? You want to wear that toilet paper all day long? Did you make this mess?"

The bulldog’s response is the saddest puppy dog face you’ve ever seen. The owner then turns to her other dog, a bull mastiff and asks him, "Did you do this? Who did this?"

The cute canine clearly doesn’t take snitching lightly and hesitates for a moment, nervously wagging his tail, before raising his paw and pointing at the culprit. The camera cuts back to the adorably guilty Bulldog making puppy dog eyes to try and get out of trouble.

While it’s unclear whether these two housemates can repair their doggy friendship - one thing’s for sure, snitching has never been quite this cute!


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