Dogs eat owner’s corpse

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14 April 2015

The body of a British woman who died alone at home was eaten by her dogs, an investigation into her death found.

Noelle Baynham’s good friend found her body when he entered her home after she wouldn’t open the door.

The 61-year-old’s Jack Russell and Staffordshire bull terrier had eaten parts of her body.

Scratch marks on the former jeweller’s body show the famished dogs had tried to wake her before they began eating her.

It’s suspected that Noelle collapsed and died after an overdose but the exact cause of death has not yet been determined because the dogs had ripped her vital organs apart.

During an investigation her friend, Grant Donovan, testified that on 17 January he let himself into her home in Winnall, Hampshire.

He said he found his friend’s body on the staircase landing. She was dressed in a nightgown. A pathologist, Dr Amanda Jeffery, testified that Baynham – an alcoholic and bipolar sufferer – had died probably “a couple of days” before her body was found.

She said Baynham probably died from a variety of substances found in her system, possibly from an overdose or an accumulation of drugs.

Her dogs were put down on recommendation of police officials.

Sources: Daily Mail,

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