Donkey becomes successful beekeeper

By admin
01 May 2014

An ass named Boneco has become the world's first ever beekeeping donkey.

A donkey has become a successful beekeeper.

Boneco - an ass from Itatira, in eastern Brazil - has joined forces with his owner Manuel Juraci to become the town's most productive beekeeping duo.

The unlikely pair are now bringing in more honey than ever and Mr. Juraci has even designed a custom made beekeeper suit for his four-legged helper, reports The Mirror newspaper.

Boneco isn't the first furry-friend to help out his owner.

A black labrador, named Bazz, also works with his owner Josh Kennet in South Australia to help detect diseases in the hives.

Mr. Kennet said: "Detection and quarantine processes are essential to save our bees. I realised that Bazz was able to sniff out the disease and save thousands of bees."

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