'Don't turn off his life support!' Mom tells daughter's miraculous story to help terminally-ill Charlie Gard

By Robyn Lucas
09 July 2017

Doctors allegedly recommended switching off her daughter's life support machine, but she refused - and her daughter is still alive and well today. 

Eileen Pritchard says her daughter is proof that terminally-ill Charlie Gard should be given the chance at a happy life.

Charlie Gard is an 11-month old baby from the UK on life support, after being diagnosed with mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome. His case made headlines all over the world after doctors told Charlie’s parents to take him off life support -- and his parents refused.

Nine years ago, Eileen, from London, had to make a similarly impossible choice. When her daughter Daisy (10) was just 21 months old, she had to be placed on life support in a coma-like state after suffering a severe stroke following her seven-hour open heart surgery.

PHOTO: Magazine Features PHOTO: Magazine Features

Eiland (47) claims doctors had a conversation with her about possibly switching off her daughter's life support machine as she had suffered ‘catastrophic’ brain damage.

"And I can tell you that when the doctors were saying Daisy would never walk, talk, eat, speak or breathe on her own, I didn't care – I was going to do everything to keep my daughter alive,” says Eileen.

Daisy was diagnosed with a heart murmur after doctors became concerned with her not picking up weight like she was supposed to.

A history of heart problems in her family prompted further tests and the then two-year-old Daisy was diagnosed with Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) – a rare congenital defect that creates a hole the wall of the upper and lower chambers of the heart.

Unfortunately, Daisy’s case was severe as there was no wall at all and her arteries were connecting to the wrong chambers – that’s when she was taken up to the theater for open heart surgery.

PHOTO: Magazine Features PHOTO: Magazine Features

The toddler pulled through the major surgery but as she was being moved to intensive care, she suffered a stroke and residual seizures.

"But as they were wheeling her to the ICU she started seizing and throwing her head around. We know now she was having a stroke,” says her mom.

The little blonde girl was then sedated and put on life support by doctors.

But Eileen was determined not to give up on her precious daughter and put up a fight by refusing when doctors wanted switch of her daughter's machine.

Eileen, who’s a former caregiver, claims to have asked the hospital to gradually take her daughter off the sedatives that kept her in a coma-like state, to see if she would breathe – and she did!

"I can't describe how amazing it was seeing those little flutters on the machine to show she was breathing on her own and then she opened her eyes,” says Eileen.

Alder Hey Hospital, where Daisy was treated, refused to comment but did state that their records do not support Eileen's version of events.

It’s been over nine years since their ordeal and Daisy is a lively and funny 10-year-old school-goer who enjoys taking her dogs on walks, riding horses and jumping in a swimming pool.

"It is selfish but I don't regret it for a second because look at her now. She swims, she horse rides, she does everything. She is fearless and I am so proud of her,” Eileen says.

The single mom is determined to spread the word about her daughter's incredible recovery to stop doctors from ending terminally-ill toddler, Charlie Gard's, life support and taking away his chances of a happy life.

"Before I went through this, I would have been one of the people reading Charlie's story and saying the parents should let him pass and that keeping him alive would be cruel,” says the Daisy’s mom.

Eileen says she sympathises with Charlie’s parents and doesn’t know how they handle all the negativity of people all over the world telling them to “let go” of their little boy.

"I don't think I could have done what Charlie's parents have,” says Eileen.

"If sharing her story can get that point across for just one other child it's worth it."

Sources: thesun.co.uk

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