Don’t whinge, get involved!

By admin
10 October 2010

He’s South Africa’s No 1 shock jock and nothing stops 5FM DJ and Idols judge Gareth Cliff from speaking his mind.

In a scathing website letter to government recently he lambasted officials on topics such as BEE, education, corruption and illegitimate children.

YOU invited him to write for its readers about criticism of SA – and the bottom line of his advice is ‘‘don’t just whinge, do something’’.

‘‘Maybe we need to calm down and remember that as a young nation we have a rocky road to travel and that we’re no more or less special than any other country,’’ he writes.

‘‘We have a lot of diversity to cope with – this is probably something you’re tired of hearing but it’s a unique gift. In an increasingly globalised world people who cope best with diversity are likely to be the ones who benefit most from what the world has to offer. People who isolate themselves will be left behind.

‘‘We complain about the government, we insist they must bring about positive change but we seldom leave our comfort zones.

‘‘Next time you’re about to start bitching about government ask yourself whether you did something valuable for the country today. Not something for yourself; for the country.

‘‘If you did you can complain. If you didn’t, get off your butt and do something. If you’re not interested in your country why should your country be interested in you?’’

* For the full text of Gareth’s open letter read the 4 November issue of YOU.

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