Doomsday prophets claim the world is going to end in 2 weeks

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17 July 2016

This organisation has gone to great lengths to ensure their theory is heard...

The world is going to end. Apparently.

And if the organisation 'End Times Prophecies' is to be believed, it's going to happen pretty soon -- on 29 July, to be precise.

The fanatics predict the end is nigh in a new video that has been shared widely online.

According to their (very dramatic) clip, the earth's magnetic poles will reverse, after which Jesus Christ will appear.

Oh, and there's also going to be a "catastrophic global earthquake".

They justify their interesting claims with several Bible verses and some, uh, interpretive science.

The video, complete with a very official sounding computer-generated voice narrative, also contains a series of CGI clips showing how the world will end.

Made to mimic the look and feel of a news bulletin, the footage culminates in the moment Jesus arrives, atop a snow-white horse.

This video is certainly not the first time that doomsayers predicted the end of the world.

In 2014, fanatics forecast that the Third World War would destroy the earth.

We were also due for an Armageddon last year, after the Mayan calendar coming to an end.

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Thankfully, none came to pass.

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