Down’s syndrome couple prove everyone wrong as they celebrate 22 years of marriage

By Mieke Vlok
26 February 2017

When Maryanne and Tommy Piling got married in 1995, critics said the couple shouldn’t be allowed to make such an important life decision.

When Maryanne (45) and Tommy Piling (59) got married in 1995, critics said that the couple, who both have Down’s syndrome, shouldn’t be allowed to make this important life decision.

But now Maryanne and Tommy are celebrating their 22nd anniversary and are happier than ever. The loved-up couple from Essex in England say “they never argue”.

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Tommy's her "best friend in the world", Maryanne adds, whom she loves very much.

Maryanne’s mother, Linda, faced harsh criticism for allowing her daughter to marry Tommy back then. He came to ask her permission before popping the question, armed with a toy ring he got from a vending machine.

“My mum immediately said yes but wanted them to do it properly so took him to a jewellery shop to buy a proper ring,” said Maryanne’s sister Lindi told MailOnline.

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“She received a lot of flack at the time for letting them get married but she insisted it was their decision.”

The pair are living proof that many of the stereotypes surrounding people with Down’s syndrome are incorrect, says Lindi. The family also received a lot of support and encouraging words over the years.

The couple live separately, with their family members in a house next door in case they need anything.

“Our wedding was the best day of my life,” says Maryanne of her and Tommy’s special connection.

Sources: Facebook, Daily Mail.

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