Dracula’s castle now for sale

By Mieke Vlok
12 May 2014

A luxury fortress dating back to the Middle Ages and boasting a breath-taking view and enough accommodation for a few dozen guests and servants sounds like a dream come true – but what if it also comes with a gory history of murder?

If you’ve got millions and are prepared to ignore the Bran Castle’s bloody past, you can now buy the place that once belonged to notorious vampire Dracula . . .

This castle, in the East European country of Romania, is known as the home of  Dracula in Bram Stoker’s legendary eponymous novel.

Although Stoker’s book is pure fiction, those in the know say the inspiration for the book’s bloodthirsty main character was 14th century Romanian warlord Vlad III, known for his brutal battle techniques and torturing his enemies.

The castle was built during the Ottoman Turkish invasion of Romania and the royal family sought refuge there at the time.

Take a virtual tour of the castle here.

It was later declared a heritage site and is expected to fetch up to R1,39 billion ($135 million).

An American law firm is handing the sale of the castle and says it will be “sold to the right buyer under the right circumstances”.

It’s expected interested parties will be invited to make offers and the former royal family of Romania say they’re looking for someone who will “respect the property’s history”.

Sources: NBC News, http://www.bran-castle.com

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