Drake opens up about Meek Mill beef

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25 September 2015

Drake was left confused after being accused of using ghostwritten raps by Meek Mill, as the whole situation felt foreign to him.

The 28-year-old hip hop artist found himself embroiled in controversy after his peer Meek Mill claimed Drake didn’t write his own lyrics in July (15).

In response the Canadian musician, who is behind hits like Over and All Me, released tracks Charged Up and Back to Back, tunes he wrote and mastered in mere days.

'It was weighing heavy on me'

But when his accusers suddenly went silent after Charged Up and Back to Back became hits on the radio, Drake was left in a state of shock.

“It was weighing heavy on me,” he told Fader magazine. “I didn’t get it. I didn’t get how there was no strategy on the opposite end. I just didn’t understand. I didn’t understand it because that’s just not how we operate.”

Drake does not take his position as a rap superstar for granted.

The star insists he puts his all into every tune.

“I’ve never felt like, ‘Oh, people will bite at anything that’s Drake’. I’m just not that guy. I don’t feel that way about any of my music… If it didn’t connect, I would have a huge problem,” he emphasised. “I mean, I’m really trying. It’s not like I’m just sitting here, just f**kin’ shooting with my eyes closed. Like, I’m trying. I’m really trying to make music for your life.”

Drake acknowledges his status as a public figure can engender this type of controversy.

So he is happy to be the figurehead of a scandal if it promotes social awareness.

“If I have to be the vessel for this conversation to be brought up—you know, God forbid we start talking about writing and references and who takes what from where—I’m OK with it being me,” Drake said. “It’s just, music at times can be a collaborative process, you know? Who came up with this, who came up with that—for me, it’s like, I know that it takes me to execute every single thing that I’ve done up until this point. And I’m not ashamed.”

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