Drake wows entourage with basketball trick shots on tour

06 April 2017

The Hotline Bling hitmaker is currently touring Europe and during his downtime, he de-stresses by playing hoops with his entourage.

Rapper Drake is perfecting his basketball tricks while bulking up on his Boy Meets World European tour.

"We play basketball every day - we have teams and rivalries on tour," his personal trainer Jonny Roxx tells Glamour.com. "He is the trick-shot king. He does these trick shots from laying down in the middle of the court, throwing the ball over his head..." The hardcore Toronto Raptors fanatic has gained a lot of muscle in recent months, and the star often shows off his new beefy body to fans by sharing shirtless photos on his @champagnepapi Instagram account, and Roxx reveals the hip-hop superstar's exercise regimen is designed to bulk up.  


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"We just switched to weight training from doing callisthenics and body movements, because at one point we were slimming down, and now he’s on a bulking phase," the exercise expert explains. "Now we’re doing heavier weights and more compound movements.

"And we’re getting there! We got him to a good point, but we’re still pushing. We worked on pull-ups for a long time to get him to do a muscle up. He was aiming for it for a while."

To stay in top shape, Drake has also cut down on his alcohol intake and he is exercising willpower when it comes to his favourite foods.

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"Italian food is probably one of our whole team’s favourite (things)," Roxx says, "But cutting down on that really helped with his cutting phase."

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