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24 September 2012

What stylish, cool, over-the-top action!

Rating: 3/5


With Karl Urban, Lena Heady and Olivia Thirlby.

Director: Pete Travis.

16LVD. Opens 28 September.

In this sci-fi fantasy, a sort-of sequel to Judge Dredd (1995) which starred Sylvester Stallone, the baddies are mowed down with psychedelic bullets that hit them so neatly they don’t even spill blood.

It’s set in a future where there are so many people every piece of open land in America has been turned into one big megacity. The police have given up trying to fight crime and “judges” now swiftly dispense justice with one bullet for every criminal.

What makes Dredd exciting for SA viewers is that it was filmed locally. Locations in Cape Town and Joburg were used and it’s fun to pick out the landmarks and watch local actors flying through the air!

This movie is supersonic entertainment, especially if you’re addicted to videogames, and with fantastic special effects and incredible computergenerated visuals of the megacity, the production values are high. See it in 3D and fly through the theatre like a shooting star!

- Leon van Nierop


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