Drew Barrymore: Motherhood’s emotional

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11 August 2014

Drew Barrymore has opened up about the “emotional” nature of motherhood.

Drew Barrymore has opened up about the “emotional” nature of motherhood.

The 39-year-old actress shares two children with husband Will Kopelman, three-month-old Frankie and Olive, who will turn two next month. And she admits her world has completely changed since she first became a mum nearly two years ago. “So many emotions take over,” she told WorkingMother.com.

'So many emotions take over'

She credits her daughters with reinvigorating her fascination with life’s simplest pleasures.

“You have this terrific sense of pride and joy in watching your child play and learn things, and you also recall some of your own feelings growing up, and you start thinking into the future,” she said.

While Drew is still working to balance her career as an actress and producer, the star admits her biggest hurdle is letting go of her fears. One of her major concerns is becoming so uptight she no longer enjoys small, imperfect moments.

“…I’m trying to avoid being the kind of anxious mother who always wants things to be perfect,” she explained, adding that she’s just like any other mother figuring it all out as she goes.

“I want to give [my children] a very beautiful, safe and loving home. I want them to be happy and grow up with security and stability, something I didn’t have,” she said, musing, “Sometimes, though, I just worry about Olive banging her head on a table or falling down.”

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