Drive Angry

By admin
23 June 2011

Action. 2011.

100 min.

With Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard and William Fichtner.

Director: Patrick Lussier.


Rating: 3/5

Hardened criminal Milton (Cage) escapes from hell to hunt down the leader of a Satanic cult (Billy Burke) who murdered his daughter and kidnapped her newborn baby.

Milton faces a race against time – he has only three days to stop the cult before they sacrifice his grandchild in a ritual killing.

He ropes in a super-hot, tough-as-nails waitress (Heard) to help him on his deadly mission – but their task becomes even more difficult when a loose-cannon killer, The Accountant (Fichter), shows up to take Milton back to the depths of hell.

It’s definitely not Cage’s finest moment.

The script is weak and the performances average but there’s loads of action, impressive muscle cars and plenty of eye candy as Heard parades in a pair of Daisy Duke-style shorts.

Make no mistake though: it’s not all cars and crazy driving stunts. If you can’t stomach blood and spilt guts give this a miss.

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