Driving impression: Honda CR-V

By admin
04 August 2013

Honda’s CR-V SUV is a long-standing favourite with those looking for a reliable SUV.

Model: Honda CR-V 2,0 Comfort

The latest CR-V models should again prove dependable and the new entry-level model, the 2,0 Comfort, is a particularly welcome addition. Pricing is also acceptable for the entry-level derivative and it compares well with that of its competitors.

Nevertheless the CR-V is slightly boring, both inside and out as the design is unimaginative and the materials used for the interior are somewhat sombre despite their quality.

What the car lacks in looks it makes up for in space and comfort. Several of the expected convenience features such as power steering, electric windows, air-con and an audio system are also are standard. The interior is also a step up from the previous model both in terms of design and feeling of quality, however, the Comfort model has cloth seats.

The base model has a 2,0-litre petrol engine, which offers sufficient performance, while the claimed average fuel consumption of 7,2 litres / 100 km is not too shabby either.

The CR-V might be a large vehicle but it doesn’t feel too big to drive. Furthermore it has good road holding ability and excellent soundproofing means you hardly hear any outside noise. Then of course there is Honda’s reputation that it builds reliable vehicles, which is also a huge plus.

PRICE R306 800

ENGINE 2-litre four-cylinder petrol; 114 kW; 192 Nm

PERFORMANCE 0-100 km/h in 10 sec; top speed 190 km/h; 7,2 litres/100 km

RIVALS Mitsubishi ASX, Kia Sportage, Mazda CX-5

WE LIKE Honda’s reliability and space

NIGGLES Boring design

- Wilmer Müller

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