Driving impression: VW Golf

By admin
22 August 2013

Looking for reviews of VW’s seventh generation Golf on Google, just about every hit says it’s probably the best car in the world.

Model: VW Golf 2,0 TDI Highline DSG

We agree!

It’s stylish and the engineering is excellent. The new VW Golf is a well-balanced car, blending quality and efficiency better than many rivals

Furthermore the interior fit and finish isn’t only top notch but is smart too with a functional layout, while the car is spacious too.

The turbo-diesel engine is impressive while the seven-speed automatic DSH gearbox is smooth and effortless. Most impressive of all is the performance and handling. In conclusion, driving the Golf 7 is something you won’t get bored with anytime soon.

  • PRICE R340 700
  • ENGINE 2-litre fourcylinder turbodiesel; 110 kW; 320 Nm
  • PERFORMANCE 0-100 km/h in 8,6 sec; top speed 212 km/h; 4,5 l/100 km
  • COMPETITORS Audi A3; BMW 1 Series
  • WE LIKE What’s not to like?
  • NIGGLES Perhaps a little overpriced

- Wilmer Müller - www.twitter.com/wilmermuller

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