Drug addict' baby's incredible transformation goes viral – for all the right reasons

By Nombulelo Manyana
31 July 2017

"We’ve all changed because of him."

This woman's tweet about her little cousin’s transformation from a malnourished infant who was born addicted to drugs to a healthy toddler, has inspired the Twitterverse to share their own stories of overcoming adversity.

Blaine Hamilton (21), whose parents are in the process of adopting her cousin, Coleman, told Buzzfeed the family is in awe by how well he has progressed since they took him in.

"He was malnourished and exposed to harmful drugs," Blaine's mother, Kaysi, told BuzzFeed News.

Coleman, who is now 17 months old, was born to parents battling drug addiction. Soon after he was born he developed pyloric stenosis. This condition affects the gastrointestinal tract and can cause a baby to vomit.

At only eight weeks old, Coleman was rushed to hospital where doctors operated on his stomach.

PHOTO: Twitter PHOTO: Twitter

This was when child protective services became involved – and Kaysi and her husband Randy decided to step in.

"My parents were like, 'We’ll take him. We’ll go to the hospital,'" Blaine said to Buzzfeed.

Even though everyone was excited to welcome Coleman to the family, Blaine said it was "overwhelming" and a challenging time for the whole family.

They had to buy a plethora baby things, baby-proof the house and adjust their whole lifestyle.

"We were overwhelmed about starting over, but we knew it was the right decision for our family," Kaysi said. The community they live in also stepped up to help wherever they could.

As Coleman adjusted to his new home, his health began to improve and he is no longer affected by pyloric stenosis. He has since gained a substantial amount of weight. "We’ve all changed because of him," Blaine said. "We all became different people because of each other. We all grew. Coleman grew healthier, and we grew, emotionally and mentally." After the court gave custody of Coleman to Kaysi and Randy, Blaine said she was so thrilled about the news, she decided to share photos online that told the story of Coleman's life and recovery.

Her tweet has since gone viral, inspiring other people to share their own inspiring stories of loved ones overcoming their own struggles.

"We pray that Coleman's brief moment of fame has a greater purpose," said Blaine.

"He represents the struggles that people around the world are facing every day in silence, fear, and darkness. We pray he is a message of hope — that maybe one person will stop using, or one person will foster a child, or a child of drug-addicted parents will know that there is hope."

Sources: Buzzfeed. News.com.

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