Drugs found in Burger King kids’ meal

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22 July 2013

A pipe loaded with marijuana was found in a Burger King kids’ meal after a man bought the treat for his four-year-old grandson.

A pipe full of drugs was found in a Burger King kids’ meal.

Police were called to the outlet in Dundee, Michigan, in the US after the marijuana-filled item was discovered by a customer who’d purchased the meal for his four-year-old grandson.

The drugs turned out to belong to a 23-year-old employee, who admitted he put the pipe in the meal to ensure it was hidden away while he worked.

David Uhl, Dundee police chief, is quoted by CBS 5 as saying, "[The grandfather] handed the kids’ meal that he had gotten at Burger King to his four-year-old grandson and when they opened it up they found a loaded marijuana pipe inside the kid's meal.

Two other suspects were also involved.

"[The grandfather] had seen them in the parking lot and saw them interacting with the employee, so he thought that was suspicious, so he did a really great thing: he wrote down a description of the car and gave a licence plate."

All three suspects have been arrested.

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