Duchess Catherine gets first pick of Moloh clothing

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12 July 2014

Duchess Catherine is sent British label Moloh's look book before anyone else each season.

Duchess Catherine gets to shop Moloh's new collections before anyone else.

The British royal - who was known as Kate Middleton before her marriage to Prince William - is a big fan of the brand, which specialises in British tweeds and tartans, and is the first person to receive their look book every season.

Sarah Smiley, the daughter of Moloh's owner Caroline Smiley, said: "We send our look book to Kate's office first, before sending to our wider mailing list.

"As we only produce 20 or 30 of each garment, each style is limited. We usually receive a call within a couple of days from one of her staff, who lists the pieces she has selected."

Upon delivery of the items, Catherine selects which ones she wants to keep, but may wait some time before wearing them - and it is only once they have been used that she is charged.

Sarah explained in an interview with British Grazia magazine: "We deliver her choice of garments to Kensington Palace and then it's a waiting game. If the pieces don't work, her office will contact us within a couple of days and ask for them to be collected.

"Other things are kept indefinitely on approval and may or may not be worn."

Caroline added: "Kate's clever and often waits before she wears pieces.

"She's very much in control of her image and I'm sure she likes the idea things aren't still in the shops when she buys them so not everyone can run out and buy her look."

- Bang Showbiz

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