Durban businessman treats car guard to three-course lunch

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09 December 2015

Over the years Durban businessman Thokozani Ndawonde spent his money on lavish parties to celebrate his birthday, but this year he wanted to do something different.

He decided to have lunch with a car guard at Musgrave’s upmarket Bertoua Café Lounge.

“Although things like booking out a nightclub and hiring venues in hotels are fun, I wanted to do something more fulfilling," Ndawonde said.

He said the most expensive party he had thrown for himself cost R30 000.

“I had been struggling to come up with ideas of how to spend my birthday. I posted a Facebook post to all of my friends and told them that I don’t want a gift this year and instead, I would like for them to buy someone in need in their community a meal.”

On Sunday after church, Ndawonde did just that.

“I always have my meetings at Bertoua Café and I thought about this one car guard who I always see standing outside. I went there and hoped that he would be there,” he said.

'I could see that some of the patrons were uncomfortable with the man but I did not care'

T-bone steak and pudding

Ndawonde said he found the rain-drenched man and asked him if he had eaten. When he said no, Ndawonde went into the restaurant and asked general manager, Jayson Willett, if he could have lunch with the car guard.

“When we went into the restaurant I could see that some of the patrons were uncomfortable with the man but I did not care.”

Ndawonde said the man, who was shivering, asked if he could get a hot beverage. “I asked the waiter to bring us the menu and told him he could order whatever he wanted to order.”

Ndawonde said when he asked the man if he could use a fork and knife the man burst out into laughter and said, “Sure I can.”

The man ordered coffee, a T-bone steak and chips and had pudding too.

“I wanted to make him feel like a king and I could see in his eyes that he was grateful. I knew that this was the perfect way to spend my birthday.”

Ndawonde said the man told him that he was from Umlazi, that life had been difficult, which is how he landed up on the streets.

He said after paying the R300 bill, he has not seen the car guard since.

“It was very generous of him to do that for the car guard,” said Bertoua Café Lounge general manager, Willet.

Attempts by News24 to identify and contact the guard were unsuccessful.


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