Durban dad horrified to discover explicit texts sent to 14-year-old daughter by her teacher

By Nombulelo Manyana
16 May 2017

She was apparently convinced that she and the teacher loved each other.

A teacher linked to Bechet High School in Sydenham, KwaZulu-Natal was taken into custody on Friday after allegedly exchanging inappropriate text messages with a student at the school. “I couldn’t believe the nature of the text messages,” the student's shocked father told Newswatch. He said he realised that something was going on when the teacher called his daughter on her birthday. He also became concerned when the teacher wanted the girl to stay behind after school.

Then he discovered the messages.

In an interview with IOL he said that as a father and man, discovering the messages, “felt like a violation, like an attack.”

He says that although his daughter was clearly uncomfortable with the explicit nature of the messages, she was convinced that she and the teacher loved each other.

“She said it with so much passion and it was heartbreaking to believe that she actually believed it,” her father said.

Then teacher apparently told the girl in the messages that he was no longer going to be a womaniser, and that he would wait for her until she was 18 so they could marry. Mthandeni Dlungwana, MEC for education in KwaZulu-Natal, said the department has a zero-tolerance approach towards issues of sexual misconduct. “Allegations of sexual misconduct are shocking and unacceptable because teachers have a duty of care towards children. If found guilty of sexual misconduct, we are going to ensure that the teacher involved is struck off the roll by the South African Council for Educators (SACE)," Mthandeni said.
Jackie Branfield, founder of Operation Bobbi Bear, a KwaZulu-Natal human’s rights organization which offers support to sexually abused children, denounced abuse by teachers, calling it “absolutely horrific”.

In the meantime private investigator, Lyzel Elieze Young, has alleged that this is not the first time that this teacher has targetted a young learner.

“It's such a shame because all this could have been prevented. Last year I went to the school with a complaint about this teacher.

“He had been sending my daughter texts and telling her he was going to give her a kiss for her birthday and was giving her hugs at school according to my daughter - to the point that she started to feel uncomfortable and told me. The principal turned a deaf ear, saying he will have a talk with the teacher.

"In the following weeks the teacher started making remarks saying some girls can't be trusted cause they broke his trust. It's a shame...and heartbreaking news.”

“This is a pattern and he should be suspended and not allowed in any school.”


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