Durban radio jock gets death threats over 'silly moment' on Facebook

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10 February 2016

A veteran Durban radio producer has found himself in hot water over an insensitive Facebook post commenting on the death of two city cyclists at the weekend.

Now East Coast Radio jock and Sunday Tribune columnist Kevin Minter-Brown has received veiled threats to his life as a wave of vitriol sweeps social media.

Minter-Brown on Monday posted a comment in jest, suggesting that a running club be started on the N3, after it emerged that cycling on the M4, scene of the weekend tragedy, was in fact illegal.

This after cyclists Richard da Silva and Jarred Dwyer were hit by a car and killed on Sunday morning while on a training ride.

He posted: "I'm thinking of starting a running club… I know there's plenty of other roads, but I think if there is an opportunity to put us directly in harms way, then why not?"

He removed the post shortly afterward and has since proffered an unconditional apology.

Speaking to News24, Minter-Brown said that the backlash had been overwhelming and that social media users were "ruining" his life.

"I am surprised by how far this has gone. Right now, it feels like there is more ill feeling aimed at me than the driver of the car," he said.

"I accept all responsibility for what I wrote and it was done in satire like a lot of my posts. This one was in poor taste and it wasn't directed at anyone in particular," he stressed.

"I had a very bizarre death threat at 4am yesterday when I got a phone call to say that there is ambulance outside waiting for me. I don't know what to make of it and I have received the most vitriolic stuff in my inbox on Facebook.

"I have spent 15 years at ECR doing good work and I hope everyone can see past a silly moment on Facebook," Minter-Brown said.

He declined to comment on what action the radio station had taken against him.

East Coast Radio had not responded to questions at the time of publishing.


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