DVD: 127 Hours

By admin
01 July 2011

True-life drama.

2010. 90 min.

With James Franco, Kate Mara and Amber Tamblyn.

Director: Danny Boyle.


Rating: 5/5

The story of Aron Ralston, a keen outdoorsman who in 2003 found himself trapped in a canyon in a remote part of Utah, is pretty well known. Ralston was pinned down by a huge boulder for five days.

In that time he tried to free himself, made video recordings for his family and watched his paltry supply of food and water (he’d planned on being away for just two days) rapidly dwindle – until he eventually made a triumphant, and bloody, escape.

Even though the outcome of Ralston’s ordeal holds no surprises it’s a testament to the filmmaking skills of director Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, Trainspotting) and actor James Franco, who spends most of his time on screen alone, that this film is utterly captivating.

Franco’s engaging performance, as an ordinary guy in an unthinkable situation, squeezes viewers into that narrow canyon with him and elevates this film far above most others which begin with “based on a true story”.

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