DVD: 30 Minutes or Less

By admin
02 March 2012

Rating: 3/5

2011. 80 min.


Crime comedy.

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A loser (Danny McBride) desperate for his inheritance hires a hitman to kill his father.

To raise the fee he and a buddy (Nick Swardson) capture a pizza delivery guy, Nick (JESSE EISENBERG), put him in a vest full of explosives and force him to rob a bank.

Nick ropes in his best friend (AZIZ ANSARI) to help him. Will they get the money before the bomb goes off?

Loaded with hare-brained schemes and amateur criminals, this is a hugely entertaining comedy. Eisenberg is excellent as the regular guy; McBride is hysterical and Ansari, actually a stand-up comic, turns out be to a very funny actor.

Lots of fun.

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